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Famous for their environment-conscious planning, San Francisco residents and politicians have made a terrific bid at increasing public transportation availability, so much so that 33% of San Francisco homes are without a car. Unfortunately, for the remaining two-thirds, parking in San Francisco is hard to come by. With a large population and a lot of cars, parking in the Bay Area rivals parking anywhere else in the country in terms of difficulty. A lack of curbside parking in San Francisco leaves automobile owners unable to commute to work circling neighborhood blocks in their cars for hours. Not only is this a drain on a driver's patience, but it also makes commuting more harmful to the environment than it needs to be. At ParkingSpotter we hope that we can change that by helping people find long-term parking spots.

Research by UCLA urban planning professors and their students recently revealed the extent to which searching for parking contributes to gas consumption and carbon dioxide emissions: over the course of 1 year, searching for curb parking in a 15-block business district accounts for approximately 950,000 vehicle miles of travel. This translates into 730 tons of carbon dioxide. For the conscientious commuter, parking in San Francisco without extending their driving time means finding reserved parking. ParkingSpotter was designed to help drivers find parking throughout the city, whether it's Potrero Hill parking or Fisherman's Wharf parking.

Our easy-to-use website allows people to rent out spaces and to rent spaces by posting them. Those seeking parking can then search the site for parking in San Francisco. Simply typing in your address into our search brings up the most relevant parking lot or parking garage in your area. Most spaces are within 1 mile of your address; and if we don't have any spaces to meet your needs, provide us with your email address, and we will notify you when parking becomes available in your area.

Want to cut down your driving time? ParkingSpotter can help. Browse the site to get prices and availability for parking in San Francisco. Not only will you be helping the environment as much as possible-you'll also be making your daily commute a little less stressful. You won't have to worry about parking blocks away from your house.

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